The Movement

The Mama Love Movement started as a personal blog post and hashtag on Instagram.  After witnessing a mom on the verge of tears outside of a CVS in Boston, it occurred to me that we are all more alike than we realize.  Mamas and mamas-to-be? It’s time we had a place to come and find the resources, support, laughter, and love we need to survive this journey called motherhood!  There is no need to struggle alone!

This site provides a database of pre- and post-natal resources to mothers mainly in the Greater Boston area, but women from any city and state are welcome to check out the more universal resources, read blog posts, and become inspired to reach out to other mothers with fun monthly challenges and projects.

In addition to this site, we have a variety of social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram) where we can connect and share. This is our space to get real about our feelings and empower one another to be the best version of our mama selves.  Let’s be the VILLAGE we need to raise our kids and to raise each other up.

What will #themamalovemovement look like to you?